Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pictures, pictures and more pictures!

It is funny how "come back soon" can turn into several months! Here is a quick update and then on to the real reason you read this blog- pictures! Eric: continuing to work and write his thesis paper. This week Eric has been home a few days preparing our house to be back on the market. We are praying for a QUICK sale but to be honest, it can hard to be optimistic. Heather: my foot is healed, for the most part. It still hurts to wear "Sunday" shoes, ie anything with a heal. I'm looking forward to warmer weather (when, oh when, will that happen here in Ohio???) so I can wear sandals. I am busy caring for our household and homeschooling. Loving it! Patricia: she just finished playing indoor soccer and is very eager for the outdoor spring season to start. Her days are full of reading, piano & school. Benjamin: he is also VERY eager for soccer to begin and continues to spend his days playing and doing a little school, which has finally started to really click. Yeah! Matthias: he plays a lot, joins us for school & loves to have some "school-time" with mama each day. He will play "Tiny Tots" one night a week this soccer season. It should be fun to watch- he was always begging to play last season! Jonathan: he had his first birthday this month! Wow! Jonathan isn't walking yet on his own but he does hold onto the couch and move around. He is eating "real" food and doesn't stop eating till you take the food away, except for mac & cheese. He is my FIRST child to not really care for it or at least he hasn't wanted it lately. Weird! We recently went to Children's hospital to check the progress of his foot. The doctor discovered they had fitted him for the WRONG brace. Ahhhhh!!!! I was so annoyed because I mentioned to the nurses it looked wrong and they blew me off. He is now wearing the correct brace (actually if more like a AFO) and we will return in three months to check the progress of his foot.

Okay- that was a little lengthy. Here are the pictures (I have to ask Eric how to edit so I can write on the side of the pics- sorry for the length of the post):

In November of 2006 we took the children (minus Matthias) to see the Christmas Carol- we were able to see the whole production for only $5 each! It was wonderful! The above pic is a bit old but I thought you might enjoy it!

The above picture was taken on Thanksgiving Day- what a cutie!

This picture above was taken of Patricia around Christmas time.

Both of these above pictures were taken in February when our friends, the Chases, came for a visit. Look at all of those children! God has been so good to bless us so richly! Yes- I cut my hair. Yes- I'm growing it back out again. (I did get highlights not shown here that makes me like my hair more though.)

The pictures above were taken on Jonathan Owen's first birthday. We had a small celebration (it is a family tradition to make the first birthday small) with only 7 children. :) (The Arendse children were staying with us.) Jonathan LOVED eating cake!

What a cute kid! These pictures (above) were taken last week, when we actually had a warm day in March here in Ohio! (Not so warm now!) Jonathan O is our first blondie. My hair was white blond for a long time before becoming brown/blonde/red highlights.

This is the dog we found and took care of for a few days- we named him "Drew." This was a nightmare of an ordeal- email for that story.

Patricia LOVES to help in the kitchen! When I went to a homeschool meeting last week, Eric helped her make chocolate chip bunt cakes. Yum!

Now that was a lot of pictures! So, I'm expecting (needing, wanting, hoping for) COMMENTS!
- Heather


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Jonathon!! Can't believe he is already a year! Can't wait to see you Saturday..

Auntie Karen said...

OH my, I miss you guys so much. Jonathan is soooo big now (A year old already!!! I can hardly believe it), and boy doesn't he look like his Dad. Can't believe you guys ended up with not one but two redheads...we need more pictures of Mathias LOL. The nieces and nephews list keeps growing and the beautiful children you guys have brought into the Tully Family fill us all with joy. Little Matt, Mom and I hope to be able to get out there to see you all soon!!! LOVE YOU ALL. HUGS and KISSES to each of our little darlings.

Tully Family said...

Thanks, Karen and Rachel! Rachel, I'm looking forward to scrapbooking and hope to get a lot done! Karen, we would love a visit!


dawn said...

It was spring today! 70s and beautiful this afternoon, no reason to be upset about the weather.

Tully Family said...

Okay- when I started this post it was COLD. Today was nice but it hasn't been that way lately. Just because you love Ohio doesn't mean you have to like the weather! I love the Bucks but I do not like the cold, snowy, cloudy, windy days. Yuck.
- Heather

harris family said...

The children are growning so fast! Boy they are so cute! I could just spoil them rotten if we lived closer! Please tell them all that Aunt Chris and Uncle Matt love and miss them and we all love them!

Anonymous said...

dear everyone; My how fast everyone is growing. We pray for your house to sell. I like your haircut, hope you had fun on Saturday. love nanny and papa