Friday, June 15, 2007

Birthdays, Updates & BIG NEWS!!!


Matthias turned 3 on April 26th. WOW! To celebrate, we had a small birthday party with our friends the Garretts and Arendses. The theme was soccer- each of the children wore a jersey shirt and they all enjoyed going outside to kick the ball around, despite rainy/cold weather. Daddy... um, I mean Matthias particually liked his lego castle set. This has been a HUGE hit with all of the Tully men. Here are some pictures of the birthday party:

Benjamin turned 5 on May 20th. That was a little hard to swallow for me! Life was pretty busy with soccer season, so we just celebrated as a family that day. His birthday fell on the Lord's Day, so we grilled and ate cupcakes after church. On Monday we took the children to Chuckie Cheese to play games. They LOVED it. Here are some pics of our celebration (don't ask about Benjamin's outfit- he picked out his clothes after church):


We recently finished up soccer season and are all enjoying being HOME more. Patricia and Benjamin both played for their same teams and Matthias played once a week in "Tiny Tots." It was a lot of fun to see Matthias running around with other 3-4 year olds and he really liked being able to play. Benjamin scored his first goal this year- way to go Benjamin! His level of playing really improved this year and we have discovered that he is both good at & ejoys playing deffense. Patricia's team played in a tournament at the end of the season- three games in one day. We are very happy to announce that they won! Go HEAT!!! Here are some pictures from soccer (I have no idea where the pics of Benjamin are & I'm too lazy to get up and go look!):

The pressing ? is what about your move???? Yes- we still plan on moving to Atlanta. No- our house isn't on the market. Due to some work-realated issues, we are waiting to do that. We should know more at the end of the month. It is our heart's desire to be moved before the winter but only the Lord knows if this will happen. We are awaiting His will.

Eric is very close to finishing his master's paper. YEAH! He has been very busy with work and travels to Atlanta about (but sometimes less or more) once a month. Heather and the children are busy homeschooling & enjoying the beautiful weather. Patricia is still taking piano lessons and recently had another recital.

BIG News:

Well, our BIG EXCITING news is that we are expecting the arrival of another covenant child in mid December! We praise God for this gift and are all very eager to meet this little one. Everyone except for Matthias is hoping for a girl (Patricia even prays for twins!)- we could definetly use some more females around here. :) Heather has had the typical sickness and exhaustian with her first trimester. Hopefully, that will begin to taper off. Please join us in praying for a healthy pregnancy & the ability to move to Atlanta before this new little one arrives.

God is SO GOOD and we give Him all praise and glory!
The Tullys

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Aunt karen said...

Great pictures, and Fantastic news. I can't believe y'all are going for #5...but hey the more nieces and nephews I have the more nieces and nephews to be in my wedding party LOL... LOVE you all and miss you immensely.