Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boy or Girl???

As many of you know, I went to our DR to have an ultrasound done. Eric was able to come and it was such a JOY to see our little baby's heart beat. This was the first time meeting our DR and we liked him. Of course, we love our midwives and home births but we are thankful to our Lord for DRs to help with difficult pregnancies. Our little baby was VERY uncooperative today! He or she stayed curled up tightly in a ball and we were unable to get any good pictures. We were also unable to determine the sex of our little one. Sorry folks, you'll have to wait! But at least you will not have to wait long- I go back next Friday for a better ultrasound! The DR says the tech is much better than him at doing ultrasounds, so we should be able to find out. I will be 20 weeks by then. We will let you know! (The DR gave me December 12 as my due date. The midwives say the 19th. We are planning for early December, since I always go early!) Hopefully I will be able to post pics of our little one after the next ultrasound.

For now, we praise God for a healthy baby!
- Heather


Auntie Kaka said...

i am hoping for a girl....poor patricia who has to "suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous" little brothers. LOL...can't wait.

love ya, big hugs for all.

Anonymous said...

we are so very bless to have another granddaughter add to the list of our grandchildren, of course we would feel the same if it was a grandson. take care of yourself heather, will see you soon. love mom h.