Friday, July 24, 2009

Creatures We've Found in the South

Here is a list of creatures that we have found so far in the South (note: we did not take these pictures- I found them on the internet):

Scorpion: Actually, it was a Five-Lined Skink but the young are often called scorpions. Did I scare you? :) This was the prettiest of all things we have caught so far- look:

Ringneck Snake:
we affectionately called this snake "George" because he kept showing up in the morning sun by one of our windows. We never captured him but Jonathan touched him once. :) We haven't seen him much lately but there is lots of plant life for him to hide in! Here is a picture:

Eastern Kingsnake: Eric and the children found this one at a park. I've read that they are not affected by the venom of poisonous snakes and can therefore kill Copperheads, which are also common here. (Though we haven't seen one of those. Phew!)

Water Bugs: in the first few weeks of living in our home, we kept finding these icky huge things inside. Ah- even as I write this, I am shivering! Haven't seen one inside in awhile but, when it rains, they crawl on our covered porch. (Which means the children & I do not go out there.) They are basically a giant cockroach and I'm not posting a picture because I can't stand to look at them! You go find a picture on the web if you want to.

We've found many other spiders, insects & lizards but I'm not sure what kind they are, so I'll wait to post about them until we find out. Oh, and we've seen deer and rabbits in our backyard. Fun! All of this creature-finding is a great addition to our science!
- Heather

Update 8/21/09:

Southern Devil Scorpion: This morning, after walking past what Eric thought was some string, he discovered this in our hallway!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It might just be time to move! This kind of scorpion isn't deadly but their bite is painful - thankfully no one stepped on him or picked him up. (Jonathan ran to get a napkin to squish the creature - I'm so thankful Eric was there to stop him!) We think (vainly hope?) Eric brought the scorpion in when he took the trash out this morning. He was little but still very creepy!


Jeanelle said...

Yikes! We have not even seen a snake here in TX yet.We've heard of them though and it is only a matter of time. David would be right there with Jonathan trying to catch that snake!

Tully Family said...

I'm surprised you haven't found a snake- maybe it is b/c you do not have woods like your home in Ohio. I'm sure camping will bring opportunities for snake-finding! :)

Jeanelle said...

Heather, that is creepy! I won't complain about the giant, flying cockroaches here in Texas anymore!

harris family said...

And that is why I don't live in the south anymore...and as much as I love you all...if you want to see us we can meet in the city or up this way! LOL I don't do anything that is icky, creepy or crawly lol...heck, just ask Carl-spiders make me cry :-)

Tully Family said...

Yeah, spiders make me cry too.