Monday, August 10, 2009

Should I be Concerned?

This past Saturday, we took the children shoe shopping. OUCH! I think we made the salespeople very, very happy. Anyway, among the boxes of shoes we bought, each child came home with a pair of tennis shoes. I came to this realization: none of my children can tie shoes. Not one of them. Should I be concerned? When did your children learn to tie their shoes? I know I was much younger than Patricia!

Patricia & Benjamin are going to have to learn because their shoes have strings and I'm not tying them. While it would probably be good for Matthias & Jonathan to learn, that will have to wait because their shoes have Velcro... except for one pair of Sunday shoes. But who has time to teach their child to tie their shoes on Sunday morning as your rush... ah, I mean prepare, for church???

- Heather

UPDATE 8/18/09: Patricia and Benjamin can now tie their shoes. :) Been too lazy to teach anyone else. Yep, lazy. It happens!


Tracy said...

Concerned? eh... I don't know about that, but I think kindergarten should include shoe tying. Actually, pre-kindergarten. Just make up for lost time, get those shoes out, and get busy! And have fun!

Auntie Karen said...

I agree around kindergarten is when they should know, should start when they are about 3 so they have it down by kindergarten.


Casey said...

I can't comment on the shoe business...I taught Shiloh, but then Shiloh taught Cora, Cora taught Abigail, Adah already knew, and Daniel taught Jackson. YEA! I hate teaching them to tie their shoes - it ranks up there with brushing their teeth (of course I DO it, I just don't like it. :) ). ANYWAY, what I really came here to ask is not about shoes. I can't find your email address, so this will have to do. Have you found it profitable to do three books in one year for God's Design for Life for science? Or have you done fewer than that and just supplemented with interesting info? I'm trying to decide what to do this year. :)

Tully Family said...


I'll email you- let me know if you do not get it!

Jeanelle said...

I just never bought our children velcro and they had to learn how to tie their shoes. My girls learned when they were about 3 and four and David learned when he was about 5. His sisters taught him!

The girls were very motivated to learn. Once Hope showed Sarah that she could tie her shoes "all by herself" she practiced and practiced until she got it.