Monday, September 21, 2009

More Pictures!

Brotherly Love:

Let me explain the last one. :) I asked Jonathan if he wanted his picture taken with Abigail and he replied, "Yes! But wait!" Then he went running away. He returned shortly after with the army helmet on & a belt around his waist, with an army compass. "Now ready." And, so we took the picture.

Beautiful Ladies:

Beautiful Gifts:

Auntie Jeanelle sent the above dresses and sweater, which I LOVE- so, so pretty! Her daughter, Hope, made the blanket that is in the background. (Hope also made a few burp cloths & washcloths too!) GREAT JOB, Hope!

The McDaniels gave Abigail the above dress- isn't it just divine?

Reading Time:

- Heather


Casey said...

Thanks for all the pictures!
How ARE you guys doing with all the rain down there? Are you okay?
Just respond with all the free time you have, k?

Jeanelle said...

Yes, thanks for all the pictures! I look forward to seeing y'all soon.

Auntie Ka Ka said...

Great pictures...long fingers, another pianist in the family...loving and missing you all...

Tully Family said...

We saw some sun yesterday- yahoo! All of the rain was getting OLD. Schools were closed but we have not really been affected.

Yes, Lord-willing, Abigail will be another piano player. (All of the children will be taking lessons.) She sat in & listened to her first lesson last night. :)

Anonymous said...

How precious it is to see. You all are so cute!
Love Mom

Jess said...

She is adorable!!! You look great Heather!

Enjoy snuggling with her!

I was worried about you all with the storms also. Glad you are all okay!