Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cloth Diapering: Another Order

Two weeks ago, a new order of cloth came & I've been itching to post about it! Here is what I ordered:

- bumGenius Diaper Sprayer: kinda of expensive but I seriously do not know how I managed before without one. I LOVE this thing! It makes cleaning poo diapers so much easier & Eric even helps with those icky diapers now! YAHOO!

- following this advice, I bought 2 Planet Wise Pail Liners and a 13-gallon trash can w/ pop-up lid. LOVING this new system- no stinky smell! Yahoo! I also bought 1 Planet Wise Wet Bag (that has a zipper & pretty design!) for when I am out & about.

- for cloth diapering Abigail, I bought 30 prefolds, 3 Thirstie Duo Wraps (size 1- wish I had bought another one so I could have 4) for daytime use, and 1 Baby BeeHinds Wool Wrap for nighttime use (haven't used it yet b/c I need to waterproof it first). Oh, and I bought 3 Snappi Diaper Fasteners. LOVE the Snappis- they look intimdating but are so easy to use & there is no fear of sticking your precious wee babe. :) You can view a video here about how to use them.

I was a bit nervous about using prefolds b/c I remember hating it when we used them for a brief time with Patricia. But I'm happy to report that cloth diapering Abigail has been a breeze. The new diaper covers by Thirstie work so much better than what we had with Patricia. And our new diaper pail system has been a big blessing!

Jeanelle sent me 3 bumGenius pocket diapers that are size LARGE. These have worked so much better for Elizabeth than the one-sized pockets (b/c she has grown bigger)! I wish we had the extra $$$ to order more for her but I just try to make sure that I change the one-sized pocket diapers regularly so we do not have leaks. ;) Thank you, Auntie Jeanelle for the diapers!

- Heather


Jessica said...

That is great that everything is working out so well. The diaper sprayer does sound like a great investment!

I bet Abigail looks adorable in her Thirsties! If you want to get another could go through Mom's Milk Boutique as they have free shipping on everything. That always helps when you aren't making a big order. :)

Snappis are the best! We use toddler size on Michaela some now but she still fits the tinier ones if we stretch em.

Tully Family said...

Thanks, Jess- I'm very happy to know about Mom's Milk Boutique... wonder if I could find some LARGE bumGenius pockets? Actually, I should just buckle down & potty train Elizabeth. Hm... Auntie Jeanelle is coming for a week at Thanksgiving. SHE can potty train Lizzie! Yahoo!