Thursday, January 07, 2010

Highlights from December Part 2

Okay, I know that Christmas is not about the gifts... but I'm going to share with you some of the favorite things we received this year. (No nasty comments about how shallow I am.)

Dawn always sends amazing books & she didn't disappoint this year. She sent this and this for the children and THIS for me! We've loved reading them all!!! Thanks, Garretts!

Eric is always excited to get a gift from our dear friends, the McDaniel family. Over the years, Steve has encouraged Eric to learn about woodworking. He has also taught Eric a lot! Our men always buy each other some woodworking-related gift:

Steve's lovely wife, Devon, sent me a Cutco knife. Ah, I've fallen in LOVE with a knife! I've been looking for things to chop ever since. :) Plus, it finally convinced Eric to start to purchase these knives. (I've been asking for them for years!) Thanks, Devon!

Here is a picture of Jonathan and Benjamin, each wearing one of their favorite gifts:

We decided to open gifts while breakfast baked in the oven... great idea to everyone but Elizabeth. She kept saying "eat" and "milk." So, I finally gave her a "nana" and she was happy:

Elizabeth received her very own doll this year. She loved it and, like all good mamas, quickly took off all of her baby's clothes so she could change her baby's diaper. :) Lizzie does not like for her babies to have clothes on!

By far, Vision Fourm's communicator watches were the TOP gifts this year, both for the children and the parents! Eric and I enjoyed playing with them before wrapping them up. ;) Black Friday is going to be so much easier next year with the use of these things!

Finally, here is a picture of Abigail taking it all in:

Alright, I'll close for now. Only one more post and I'll be caught up with highlights from December! (And I realize after reading this that I need to post some more pics of Patricia and Matthias! So sorry!)
- Heather

PS- Does this post count as a thank you? Because I've become horrible at getting thank yous out the door... they often get wrote & then set in a random spot to be forgotten about. Ugh. I'm resolving to do better this year! This was the one and only resolution I made b/c I'm just not into that kind of thing.


dawn said...

Yes. I'm glad you like the books ... I read the Reformation Heroes the week before Ref Day and was *so* impressed ... I knew you guys would love it!

Jeanelle said...

Thanks for sharing! We love getting book recommendations. Thanks to you too Dawn.