Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Highlights from November

Well, after taking a two month break, I am finally back to blogging. Yeah! I've really missed it but November & December were CRAZY BUSY. A lot of things happened, so I thought I would devote a few posts to sharing highlights of each month. So, here ya go:

We are excited to share that we have become members of Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church! Our hearts are truly grateful to the Lord for bringing us to this church! On November 22nd, Abigail was baptized- what a special day it was and we were delighted to have my parents and brother join us:

Elizabeth moved into a toddler bed (doesn't she look so sweet?):

Two days before Thanksgiving, we traveled over to AL to attend The Mysterious Island Premiere with my parents. We added the button on the left for this movie because we strongly recommend it! We were much impressed with the quality of the film, as well as the message. The children were able to have some posters signed and were a bit awe-struck to meet the cast & crew of the film. :) Can you find my father, Patricia, Abigail and I in the last pic of this post? Look hard- there were over 1300 people in attendance that night! Here is a picture from that night:

We invited Eric's brother and his family, his youngest sister and my parents for Thanksgiving. What a joy to live closer to family! Look at the pretty table Patricia and I set (we made name cards w/ space to list what you were thankful- it is a family tradition to do this & then pray about it together, as well sing some hymns & read the Thanksgiving story from this book):

Did you notice the two pianos? The one at the end is our NEW PIANO! It arrived the day before Thanksgiving! Isn't that so exciting? It sounds beautiful- it is a Kawai! Does anyone want our older one? You can have it for FREE!

Here are some more pics from Thanksgiving day:

(Don't worry- the boys ate with us at the table- this was taken at another random moment of eating... Thanksgiving is fun like that- one eats ALL DAY LONG!)

- Heather


dawn said...

So many fun pictures! I can't wait to see the December catch-up post. The kids will be thrilled to see this one :)

Oh, and I didn't see you, your dad, Abigail or Patricia (and you'd think that red hair would stick out) but down in the bottom left corner there's the back of a head that is Eric's color holding a shock of red curls ... is that them?

Tully Family said...

Yep- that's Eric holding Elizabeth. I'm in front of him- I'm leaning my head to the side to see my father w/ Benjamin & Patricia. My father is standing up further than me & Patricia is at the table talking to Mr. Philipps. Go look again.

PHEW- it was SO CROWDED!!!!

Jeanelle said...

Blogging? What's that?

Tully Family said...

Yeah, Jeanelle! Dawn & I miss your blog!!! :(

dawn said...

Yeah, Jeanelle ... weren't you just traveling?

Tully Family said...

It is TOO FUNNY, Dawn & Jeanelle, that we keep in touch via comments on each other's blogs! :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy seeing so many wonderful pictures.....thankful that we are so close now, can not wait to be closer....so many blessed times we share together....great having you all...
Love Mom