Friday, January 29, 2010

Keeping it Real #1

I get email & comments sometimes from you all that make me shake my head. Far too many of you think we have it all together concerning our children, our home, our lives or/and our cooking. (Okay, all of you who know us well can stop laughing now. Seriously, stop!)

I'd like to encourage you all to remember that when you read our blog (or for that matter, any blog), you are getting a glimpse into a part of our life. It is a real glimpse but a glimpse nether the less. We never claim to be perfect except in Christ (and that is because He has paid the price)!

So, I thought I would begin a new series on our blog called "Keeping it Real." Now I won't bear my soul completely less you all run away in terror but I do hope to share with you some stories of real life in our home. Here is story number 1:

I attempted to make Ezekiel bread yesterday. I say "attempted" because I forgot to spray the pans and this was the result:

Ugh. We still ate it but it wouldn't be anything worthy to take pictures of. (Oh, wait. I did.) But don't worry- I shouldn't have any problem remembering to spray the loaf pans the next time because some dear child left me this note on the kitchen cabinet:

Ah, I love my children.
- Heather


Jess said...

How cute! Oh my making bread is ALWAYS an experiment at our house! Hehe. :)

Tully Family said...

Usually making bread ISN'T an experiment in our house- I'm finally comfortable with the whole process & we enjoy it. "Usually" is the key word in that last sentence.

Anonymous said...

My big event in making bread, when it fell on the floor, the house shock, well maybe not. We could not eat it, so you are one up on me.