Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Olympics: Ice Golf

Eric was telling Benjamin about what sports are played during the winter Olympics when this conversation occurred:

Benjamin: Can we watch the ice golf?

Eric: Ice golf???

Several moments of pondering & questioning.

Eric: Do you mean hockey?

Benjamin: Yeah, can we watch the hockey?

Ah, my poor, poor son. Can you tell we do not watch a lot of sports in this house? (These days not a lot of TV period b/c we haven't had a TV since we moved. We would like one for movie nights but it is going to have to wait a bit... unless someone wants to buy us one.)

But, seriously! Golf and hockey?!? We're going to have to enlighten Benjamin a bit.
- Heather

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Jeanelle said...

That is funny! I love Benjamin and his fun loving personality.

Auntie Jeanelle