Monday, March 15, 2010

Matthias' Career Goal

Matthias: I think we should move into the house next door. (Note: our neighbors just moved away.)

Eric: Why?

Matthias: Because I want to see inside of it!

This is a common saying from the children- they wonder what the inside of buildings or houses look like. After a few minutes this conversation followed:

Matthias: I want to be a bug sprayer when I grow up!

Eric: Why?

Matthias: So I can see inside people's homes!

Sounds pretty logical to me! Maybe not the wisest of financial decisions but we'll talk to him about owning the bug company! :)
- Heather

(And as a side note, I think it is pretty funny that my children actually know & talk about bug sprayers now that we live in GA! THAT never was apart of our life in OH!)


dawn said...

Ew. How about Real Estate? Honest men can really be used there ... Besides, we don't have bugs so much here in Ohio ...

Tully Family said...

Yes... but aren't daughters suppose to leave & cleave? ;)

dawn said...

Nope, sons ... [grin]

McCollough said...

this made me laugh so hard! :)

Anonymous said...

I was told that Bugs are a real thing in the true