Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Patricia's Poems

Patricia shared these poems with me yesterday. She had wrote them entirely on her own! Yahoo! The poems are not perfect in their rhythm/rhyme but I was impressed b/c we haven't covered how to write poems yet.

We do memorize a lot of poetry. (I attended a homeschool conference when Patricia was a baby & one of the sessions was on writing poetry. He said that memorizing it was the best foundation to writing b/c you get it into your head. He was right!) Here is the fruit of memorization- enjoy:

by Patricia Ellen Tully

Books are good for conversations,
books are good for fun;
Books are good for anything that you've ever done.

There's books about Washington,
and books full of facts too.
There's even a book about how a cow can moo!

Books are good for writing thoughts,
and writing someone's history down.
There's some books that will teach you about a noun.

Books are good for conversations,
books are good for fun;
Books are good for everything that you've ever done.

by Patricia Ellen Tully

A little seed you sow will soon grow
into a flower we all love.

A tiny egg breaks
and in it a baby bird awakes.

A tiny little baby will grow maybe
into a handsome man.

A little bit of knowledge, if it's wisely sown,
will soon be found to have grown and grown and grown.


dawn said...

Great job, Tricia. M-girl will love reading these!

Karen said...

Great Job Patricia!

Anonymous said...

Oh Patricia how much you are like your mother, writing, and the love of books. Great Job in your Poems.


The Lee Library said...

Awesome poems!