Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Back!

PHEW! I had no idea that when I wrote our last post back at the end of March, that life would become SO crazy!!! I've missed blogging but there was no time! Here are a few highlights from life in the Tully home these past few weeks:

- searching for a house to buy (Not casually searching- oh, no! Tullys do nothing "casually." I mean "all day, in the car w/ 6 littles for 2 weeks solid" searching. Yep, it wasn't too pretty.)

- piano recital (I'll post video soon.)

- Heather's "big" birthday... in the words of my father, "I've kissed the 20's goodbye & embraced middle life." Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow. :(

- finding a house & going into contract

- Benjamin had 2 palate expanders put on (Ouch!)

- Eric, Heather & Abigail traveling to Ohio to attend a homeschool convention (what a blast- great speakers & sweet times of fellowship with friends) while all the other littles traveled to Alabama to stay with Heather's parents

- Molly, our Boxer, is back! (She had been with my brother the past year+)

- Abigail has started to eat some food (Can you believe she is already 7 months!)

- terminating our contract for the house & hoping to rent here another year

So, I think we are back to "normal"... which is never normal. ;) I still want to make some changes to our blog but it will have to come slowly. The Lord has really put on my heart to scale back. But, I'll try to get to those tabs soon! (They're suppose to have content! LOL) For now, it just feels good to be back in the blogging world.

- Heather


dawn said...

Hooray! We've missed you!

The 30s are great! Which reminds me I need to send your present LOL.

How are Molly and Tres together?

Tully Family said...

Molly & Tres are GREAT together! 2 dogs are better than 1! And, it will fun to get a gift - thanks.

dawn said...

2 dogs are way better than 1!

karen said...

You all have been busy. So what happened with the house?

Tully Family said...

The house thing is a LONG story...

Jeanelle said...

Finally thirty! Yahoo! I'm feeling bad right now. I'm sorry I forgot your birthday!!! We'll celebrate when the kids and I come to visit.

Tully Family said...


You're totally forgiven... IF you come to visit. ;)