Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Current Read Alouds

Literature / Math / History:

We are almost finished with "Carry On, Mr. Bowditch" by Jean Lee Latham. This has been one of our favorite read alouds EVER! (Little House books rank up there too!) The older three children have begun to keep their own journals/copybooks after listening how Nat taught himself Latin, French, Spanish, astronomy & more but reading & then journaling/copying from the books he used. It was the method many of our founding fathers used (Thomas Jefferson is most notably known for this) to teach themselves. We've always done this for history & science but it is fun to see the children do this on their own. And, it works- they remember so much more! :)


We just finished this, so now we are reading "Stories of the Covenanters in Scotland" by Robert Pollok. The last book was very good, so we're expecting to enjoy it & learn a lot.


I've decided to alternate the older 3 children reading aloud b/c they need practice articulating the words slowly and clearly. Plus, they all enjoy it. :) So, it's Benjamin's turn & he is reading "Little Sir Galahad" by Lillian Holmes.

Happy Reading!
- Heather


Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading grandchildren.
Love Nanny

Jeanelle said...

Mr. Bowditch, wonderful book! This is one of David's favorite read alouds that we have read together.