Friday, June 25, 2010

Visiting the McDaniels

Abigail and I arrived home Monday night from our visit to our dear friends, the McDaniels. Our time was short & we were very busy packing and cleaning (I went to help them prepare for their upcoming move to OR) but what a sweet time of fellowship we had! It was their first time meeting Abigail & she loved all the attention she received. :) We praise God for the McDaniels and the bond we have in Christ!

Here is a pic of the children playing together:

Kathryn is growing into such a sweet young girl. Her smile is the BEST (sorry the pic is somewhat blurry- still learning how to use our new camera)! Thanks, Kathryn, for helping with Abigail- she loved it!

Joshua stole my heart! He wanted to go home with me and I tried to let him (and his sisters) but Steve and Devon were very selfish. Joshua reminded me of our Jonathan & Benjamin- lots of energy, somewhat mischievous & very funny. Oh, and so handsome. Just look:

Victoria refused to smile for me. (Just like Kathryn did when she was a baby!) She did seem to enjoy me holding her & loving on her- just no smiles. Victoria did love Abigail though- they had fun "playing" with each other & especially enjoyed the empty boxes Steve set out in the living room:

Aunties taking a break from work & enjoying babies (ignore the no makeup & hair- we were working hard!):

Steve is reading through the Little House books to the children. What special memories this will bring:

Finally, some very cute pics of Abigail (sorry, I can't resist- she is such a little peanut! AND, she looks so much like Jonathan in these pics):

Okay- want to hear (read?) something very frustrating? I did not get a picture of Devon & I together nor did I take a picture of Uncle Steve with Abigail. ERRRR!!! :-(
- Heather


Jessica said...

Abigails eyes are so beautiful and big! She is adorable!!!

Glad you had a wonderful trip! Isn't it so refreshing having great friends to visit with?! I love trips to see friends!

Tully Family said...

Yes, it is refreshing! :) Praying for you, Jess, as your pregnancy draws to an end. These are blessed days for us- bearing and raising our children!

Anonymous said...

Our Lord sends especial friends tous. Devon is such a blessing to you, your devotion to each other will always be.

pictures are cute.

Jeanelle said...

Abigail looks like Jonathan!

Jeanelle said...

We so looked forward to meeting Victoria and seeing Kathryn and Joshua again. We will miss them and their sweet family!I know it was a huge blessing for Devon to have you their to help.