Monday, July 19, 2010

Texas Vacation Re-Cap (LOTS of pics!)

Here are some stories & pics from our trip to Texas to visit the Arendses- enjoy! I'll let you know when Jeanelle posts her pics. (And, yes, that is a huge HINT!)

We had to delay our vacation because I got sick with either the flu or food poisoning. Whatever it was, it wasn't fun & I was in bed for two days. The children kept creeping into my room every 1/2 hour to ask how I was feeling. Nothing like pressure to will you to feel better! ;) We were able to finally leave on Saturday.

Because we left late, we missed some of the 4th celebrations Saturday night. But we were able to go to Lorimer's school & watch fireworks on Sunday night. WOW- Texas loves their football! The stadium at Lorimer's high school was HUGE- it looked like college stadium. Here are pics from that night:

The children enjoyed sitting in the (air conditioning) press box:

By far, the highlight of the trip was taking a 1.5 hour train ride to the Stockyards, enjoying barbecue & then taking the same train ride home. The Lord blessed us with a cooler day. Along the way, robbers came galloping up, boarded the train & then tried to rob it before the sheriff ran them off. Matthias, who was wearing his sheriff outfit, was adorable- he jumped up & told the robbers to stick 'em up. I didn't get any pics of that so we'll wait on Jeanelle for those pics! But here are a few pics from the train that I did get:

THE cutest baby on the train:

Patricia was a bit frightened by the moving train:

The train ride was long- Lizzie fell asleep (notice Eric's badge- Auntie Jeanelle bought one for each of the men/boys):

Jonathan loves his Aunite Jeanelle (this was taken at the restaurant we ate at- the lighting wasn't so red in person):

OKAY- enough w/ train pics! :) I'll be honest, one of the big motivations to visit the Arendse is Lorimer's barbecue. YUM!

Lorimer "encouraged" Matthias to become a man on our vacation. Well, actually it was a bribe & it was suppose to encourage Benjamin but he wouldn't do it. At the restaurant, Lorimer told Benjamin that he would pay him $5 if Benjamin would eat one jalapeno. Nope. $20? Nope. Just one bite? Nope. $100 for one bite? Nope. At this point, Matthias jumped out of his seat & asked how much Uncle Lorimer was offering. (We're raising them to be such good entapanuers, ya know.) $5 for one bite. Matthias DID IT! AND, he didn't even cry! Well, Uncle Lorimer didn't stop with the man-building lessons- just look at the gun & safety lessons:


Jeanelle & I walked (and jogged a bit) 11 MILES during our visit. It was so much fun to have a friend to workout with! :) We did some strength training also. It has been good to have a friend to help each other be accountable for working out & eating healthy.

Praising God for friends!
- Heather

NOTE: see part 2 here.


Jeanelle said...

We had so much fun! We miss y'all! It was so good to be with our friends again. Can't wait for Thanksgiving!

Tully Family said...

Yep- kids are excited for Thanksgiving! (They are counting days till Dawn comes arrive in August & then you all in November. Makes days go by fast!)

dawn said...

Looks like a great time!

Jeanelle said...

Have fun with the Garretts! Tell them hello from all the Arendses!

Jeanelle said...

Oh, and yes I got the "huge hint!"

Anonymous said...

How bless we are to have remaining friends through out the years.

Pictures make you want to be there.