Monday, August 16, 2010

Double Digits!

This past Friday, Patricia turned ten! That's double digits & that's a big deal! Happy, happy birthday, Patricia! I wanted to post earlier but it has been a fun-packed weekend & there hasn't been time.

We decided that this year's birthdays were going to be low key- just simple family celebrations. What delights my heart is that our children love this! They do not need a ton of gifts or a big party to make them feel special. :) We did invite my parents and our friends from church, the Coppicks, over for a barbecue. The children enjoyed playing games:

Cake is always fun:

The boys helped Papa get the corn ready:

On Saturday, my mother invited Patricia & I to tea at Tea Leaves and Thyme, which is a tea room. What a special time of memories! :) We enjoyed wearing fun hats & eating the yummy food:

After tea, my mother let Patricia pick out a tea cup. It is fun to see Patricia's collection grow (she has 3 cups) because I also collect tea cups & teapots. :) I keep them in my craft room- it is fun to have a girlie room. :)

We went to a fabric store afterward & I bought some fabric to make Elizabeth & Abigail a dress. (I want to go back to get some fabric for Patricia.) My parents came over so that Mom could help Patricia & I sew- what a blessing to have them live closer! Here is a pic of what the dress will look like:

We are so thankful for Patricia & pray that the Lord would continue to bless her life! She has a tender spirit towards others & God, for which we praise the Lord.
- Heather


Jeanelle said...

Pretty dress! Can't wait to see it. Looks like Patricia had a special birthday. Wish we could have been there.

Tully Family said...

Wish you all had been here too! :(

dawn said...

Ack! We were going to call and I forgot!! :(

Happy Birthday, Patricia! We love you!

Heather: The years go fast, eh? Patricia was M-girl's age, or a little less, when M-girl was a baby! Hard to believe she's 10!

Tully Family said...

Yes, the years go by fast... too fast! Ten just seems old. :(

Anonymous said...

What a joy and blessing to share with you both in Patricia birthday, didn't we have fun. What does God have in his plans for you Patricia?
Had a wonderful time meeting your friends.

Love nanny