Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm Re-Thinking Chickens

I have this lovely dream about raising chickens one day on our farm. I know the whole cleaning the coop thing is disgusting but I figure that is one perk to having so many littles around, right? ;) I know chickens will be work but it would be splendid to not pay $4 for a dozen eggs or $3-4 a pound for meat. (For those of you gasping, remember we buy pastured, organic chickens.) Plus, can't you just picture my sweet little ladies gathering eggs? Ahhh.

Well, after reading this , I'm re-thinking chickens. I've always said snakes don't bother me but the idea of reaching in & touching one under a chicken, freaks me out a bit! There are no snakes in my dream.

- Heather


Tracy said...

It might depend on where you live- we've not had a problem. At all! And I LOVE our chickens.

( I also grew up with chickens, and we didn't have a problem then, either.)

If you're really worried about it, and outside dog might help.

dawn said...


Tully Family said...


If the Lord ever blesses us & makes my dream of a farm come a reality, you'll have to come & build us a lovely hen house- I love the pics of yours on your blog! :)

Jeanelle said...

Okay, so if we ever have chickens, David is the egg collector.