Friday, September 17, 2010

Abigail Turns ONE!

Yesterday, Abigail Evangeline turned ONE! How did the past year go by so fast??? Everyone keeps asking if she is walking yet. She walks if she is holding on to something & I've caught her a few times standing up not holding on. She doesn't talk a whole lot- just mama, dadda & dog and she doesn't even say those words often. She thrives in the loudness & craziness her siblings. :)

We celebrated Abigail's birthday with a simple dinner with my parents. "Simple" but very special. We also celebrated Eric's birthday- he turned 46 on Monday. Yep, 46. What, you do not believe me? Just ask Benjamin- that is what he would tell you. :)

The FAVORITE toy that everyone was waiting for Abigail to open was her water table. All week Elizabeth kept asking, "Abigail going to share that with me, right? Can we open it now?" Well, Abigail did share it & all the children enjoyed it:

My parents enjoyed watching the children play & Molly (our Boxer) loved all the extra attention:

Eric opened a few gifts & had lots of helping hands assisting him:

In keeping with tradition, I asked Eric what he wanted to eat. When he picked molten lava cake as his dessert choice, I gave him the "Are you crazy?!?! I have no time for that! Don't even know how to make it! PLEASE pick something else" kind of look. He graciously agreed & let me make an eaiser version of it- upside down cupcake over icecream w/ syrup poured over it. :) He enjoyed it:

I made a small cake for Abigail but don't let the picture below fool you- Abigail did NOT like her cake. After tasting it, she refused to eat it. She would turn her head & growl if you gave her a bite. NEVER had that happen before!!! Very, very weird. She did enjoy the ice cream, though. Maybe she just isn't a chocolate fan.

We praise God for our Abigail- she brings so much joy to our lives. We pray that she would grow up loving God with all her heart. I also praise God for my husband!
- Heather

Just before bed, I found Lizzie downstairs reading "The Poky Little Puppy" to Molly & Tres. It was so adorable- she would read the page, turn the book around for them to see & then flip to a new page to read:


dawn said...

Happy Birthdays!

Anonymous said...

We are bless to watch Agigain grow into her first year. What a joy to have grandchildren. Like always we wonder and pray, what does our Lord have in mind for them.

Love Nanny and Papa

No Eric can not be 46, that would make us much older. Happy Birthday

Jess said...

Abigail is adorable! Happy Birthday!!

Sounds like a fun celebration!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Abigail! You are aboslutely adorable, and I hope to get down to see you and your brothers and sister soon! Love Auntie Karen

On another note, I think having an older brother is grand!! LOL Happy Birthday Eric..Love you and miss you all!

Karen said...

you should've just gone to the store and gotten the frozen lava cake and heated it in oven LOL

Jeanelle said...

Happy Birthday to Abigail and Uncle Eric from all the Arendses! Sorry we missed it. Miss you all.

Tully Family said...

Now, Karen- you ought to know me better than that. I don't buy much premade of anything, esp items for celebrations. Just doesn't taste as good AND it isn't as healthy.

Karen said...

I try not to buy too much premade either, but sometimes you just gotta...not that lava cake is healthy even if it is homemade though LOL...

Tully Family said...

Yep- I agree... but at least it was organic ingredients. But sugar is sugar- it should be limited.