Thursday, September 30, 2010

Keeping it Real #6: Jamie Oliver May Need to Visit Our Family

I'm big on nutrition. I'm trying to teach the children along the way. So, last night at the dinner table, I asked the children to name some vegetables.

Lizzie: Corn.

Yeah! She got one! We went around the table again & everyone joined in. Carrots, lettuce, eggplant, turnips, squash, zucchini. (It was funny to me that no one said broccoli even though we were eating it.)

Lizzie: Candy corn!!!

Um- no. Maybe Jamie Oliver needs to visit our home! :) I'll admit that this is one candy I do buy... but it is only during the fall season & it is in small quantities. I promise.


dawn said...


Wondering what my children would say ... maybe I oughtn't laugh so much ;)

Tully Family said...

Actually, the children had a harder time with my second request, which was to name fruits. The whole exercise made me realize we need to have more variety! (I get in a rut & buy the same things- fresh is good but I'm trying to move to more local & seasonal items. Joining a CSA would help... if I could ever get around to it! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Since I have already brought the meals for the month, I will have the chance for the following month to do. I sooooooooo get tried on eating the same old stuff. Thanks for the tip.

Kids are cute in what they say, did anyone say they like LIMA BEANS? Mom