Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Re-Cap with PHOTOS!

Okay, bear with me but I've been in a blogging slump & haven't posted many pictures so I decided to do a re-cap of life here. Well, not "life" but recent happenings in the Tully household. Enjoy!

A few weeks ago my aunt, cousin & his family came for a visit from Michigan. It was only the second time I had met my cousin's wife & the first time we had each met the children. We had a great time getting to know each other better! We MUST get together again before 10 years go by!!! I didn't take many pictures but here our a few (we visited the aquarium while they were here):

A rare shot of Eric and I:

My Aunt looks like she could be my mother's twin:

This is what happens when you ask my mother to take a picture: ;)

Here is a better one:

Lizzie complaining & Abigail being happy (yeah, it happens a lot):

Weird children (Benjamin & Liberty really hit it off):

Jonathan adored my cousin & stuck to him like glue:

For a few, short days it was actually cool & comfortable. It is now back in the low 90s, high 80s but even that feels better than what it had been. We spent as many waking hours as possible outdoors, enjoying the cool weather. We went to the park 4 days in a row. The children especially enjoyed having Daddy come with us! I enjoyed walking & running while they played.

I tried pulling Elizabeth's hair back in a ponytail- didn't stay very long but it was nice to have it out of her face!

- Heather


dawn said...

Wow, Tricia looks like you in the picture where she's on the slide! Looks like a lot of fun had by all!

Tully Family said...

I know- it is her curse.

dawn said...

Haha ... she's very pretty and you know it!

Tully Family said...

Patricia is beautiful! That's the part that doesn't look like me. :)

But what we love more than her looks, is Patricia's inner beauty which shows on the outside. God has been so good to grab hold of her heart since she was young! It is exciting to see Him work in all of our children's lives!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is true that I can not take pictures, maybe I need more practice...Mom

April and I can not be twins, I am older, as she reminds me alot.

Tully Family said...

:) Love you, Mom!