Thursday, October 14, 2010

Keeping it Real #7

Until last week, these were the decorations in our home:

Yep, that's right. Christmas decor stayed on the mantel until last week. The really sad thing is that I never noticed until APRIL, when my mother asked me if I was ever going to put the snowmen away. What snowmen??? Oh, those. Nope.

Good thing fall came- it forced me to redecorate.
- Heather


Auntie Karen said...

of course you could have just said you got a jump on your christmas decorating LOL

Jeanelle said...

You should have just kept it up for Christmas. It's not too far off. Funny! My girls would never allow this. We decorated for fall on the first day of autumn. Actually, they did all the decorating. They even baked for the occasion. All that was required of me was to buy the flowers and the pumpkins. It is helpful now that the girls are 10 and 12 that I do not have to do "everything."

Tully Family said...

It is going to feel weird when my littles are older! This is (has been) such a BUSY season of life but I know we are laying a solid foundation for the future.

Anonymous said...

glad to see the snow are finally gone...not to far I hope