Monday, December 06, 2010

Modern History

Currently, we are studying the Explorer's, having slowly worked our way forward from creation. Slowly. EVER so slowly. We have enjoyed some rabbit trails and I keep reminding myself that as the children grow older, it will be easier to teach history. Besides, they read so much that they learn way more than what I teach.

But, after the Dicken's episode & now this, I'm thinking it is time we cover some more modern history:

Matthias, who was helping me wash the dishes: Is that a picture of Jerusalem!?! (I have a small painting sitting on the windowsill by the kitchen sink.)

Me: Yes. Do you remember the Malones, the missionaries in Afghanistan? Remember how they came to visit once?

Matthias: Yes.

Me: Well, Mrs. Malone gave that picture to me. I think she visited there. I know she said it was her favorite city.

Matthias: You mean they rebuilt the city!??! WOW!!!

Huh. Can you guess where he has been reading in the Bible lately. (The fall of Jerusalem & the Israelite exile.)
- Heather


dawn said...

LOL ... a couple of times ;)

Anonymous said...

Can not help but to love that Matthais. He is a jewel. Nannys