Saturday, March 05, 2011

2011 Book List: Book #2

This morning, I finished "Memories Before and After the Sound of Music" by Agathe Von Trapp. I've always had mixed feelings about the movie, so I was eager to read the true story of this family. I'm so glad that I did! Not surprisingly, the movie is a far stretch from the truth! That's really sad because the true story is so good. (I'm not sure if I can watch the movie again.)

Agathe Von Trapp is the oldest daughter (second oldest child) and in her book she shares her memories, which she admits may differ slightly from her siblings. I really appreciated her faith, even though I disagree on some points. She states, "Some people would call these positively changed circumstances "coincidences." I, however, do not think of them as such. Throughout the turbulent years of war and other difficulties, God's guidance and protection kept us safe in the palm of His hand."

What I enjoyed most about the book was Agathe's memories of her birth mother & grandmother. Both left lasting, loving impressions in their children's lives. It is also very interesting to note that their father was a very kind and loving man. How sad for Hollywood to change or leave these things out! Another quote:

"When I saw the musical for the first time, I cried. Others in my family were equally upset. The man on the stage in the naval uniform was not Papa. The play and later the movie, as beautiful as they were, misrepresented our life at home with our father. He was not some naval officer with a distant look and a boatswain's whistle in his mouth ready to order us children coldly about. In reality he was a dedicated father who saw to our well-being in every way."

I'm sorry if this book review has turned into a critique of the movie. It was hard to read the book without comparing the two. Agathe did come to terms with the movie later in life because she was touched by people's response to her & her family after seeing it.

I'm really glad I learned of the true story- it encouraged me to continue to build memories with my children, to think through what our home life is & how it will impact future generations. I was also encouraged to continue with musical pursuits for the children. It's expensive & time consuming but the awards outlast all of that. (I'm also seriously considering voice lessons for us all- Eric and I have talked about taking lessons as a family and reading this story encouraged that.)

Patricia is now eager to read this book. We will add this one to our shelf!
- Heather


Jeanelle said...

Can you add that to my shelf and let me read it first? Seriously!

Tully Family said...

Your girls would love it! (Even Benjamin is reading it- he esp likes the parts about the father's history of being a submarine captain.)