Saturday, April 23, 2011

2011 Book List: Book #3

While resting these past few weeks, I enjoyed some extra time reading. (When I wasn't sleeping- phew! Did I sleep a lot!) I finished "The Duggars: 20 and Counting!" by Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar. That's #3 for this year. Kinda sad, huh? But at least I'm reading beyond what I read to the children! :)

This book was a light read but it was enjoyable. I gleaned a few tips & enjoyed reading how such a large family operates. Our family has always enjoyed watching past episodes of their show on Netflix. It encourages us to see a godly family raising children for God's glory and delighting in them! We're thankful for their testimony of Christ to the world. I had an opportunity to meet the Duggars & hear them speak t the homeschool conference. They were some of my favorite sessions- Michelle's talk in particular was uplifting for a mama of many littles.

The older children are enjoying reading this book also.
- Heather

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Jeanelle said...

I enjoyed reading the book too! I read a lot of it on the plane ride home and then the girls read it befoe I got to finish it. I did finish eventually and was encouraged by it. I even read parts of it to Lorimer and he too was encouraged. Miss y'all! Keep resting!