Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Memorable Day

Today was memorable for two reasons. First, it is Eric and my twelve year anniversary! :) Our pastor preached about friendship today (basing his message from Job 2 about Job's friends)- a fitting sermon as my greatest friend is my husband. We're both thankful for these past 12 years & praise God for all of His mercies. We both mentioned that we feel even more close after this past year's trials. God is good! (I'll try to post some pics of us on Thursday when we go out for a date.)

Second, Patricia finished reciting to Eric the Westminster Shorter Catechism! YAHOO!!! She will recite it to our Pastor & elder soon. We praise God for the systematic truths laid out in the catechisms & for the men who penned them. It's been a great tool in teaching the children (and us).

- Heather


Kristine said...

It was wonderful to see the Tully family today! Happy anniversary!!! Congratulations to Patricia! I'm only up to question #30, but I'm pluggin' along. :) Have a wonderful week!

Tully Family said...

Thanks, Kristine! It was also good to see you at church- glad you are feeling better.

Sadly, Eric & I are not as far along with teh catechisms as our children but we're pluggin' along also.

dawn said...

Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations to Patricia! Well done :)

Jeanelle said...

Great job Patricia! The girls are excited to finally get see you next month!

Congrats to you and Eric. You are blessed!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Patricia, you are growing so fast. I see Mommy in you.

A Happy Anniversary ! Love Mom and Dad