Friday, October 07, 2011

Recipe: Lunch

Another friend emailed recently & asked what we make for lunch around here. We pretty much eat the same things, so I thought it would be good to list it on the blog like I did for our breakfasts here. (By the way, I've added some new sweet breads to that list.)

For a season, we ate mostly fresh veggies with fruit, cheese & nuts. We still do that on occasion but I've found we need more to fill our bellies & keep everyone chugging along happily. When Eric works in the office, he takes leftovers so that isn't an option for us. Of course, health is high on the priority for these meals! I pretty much keep ingredients on hand for these recipes & decide the night before (or the morning of).

So, here is a list of family favorites for healthy lunches:

- Mexican Black Bean Salad: eat it alone or for a special treat serve w/ tortilla chips.

- Italian Black Bean Salad: I do not measure much but I know I use less balsamic & red wine vinegar.

- Tabouli: I can't get enough of this with this pregnancy!

- This Link has several favorites (many that can be put into a crock pot!): Lentil Stew, Easy Homemade Tomato Soup and South of the Border Salad.

- Salmon (I buy wild salmon in cans from Trader Joes): either serve w/ crackers or make into patties on the stove top. YUM!

- Quesadillas w/ cheese & refried beans: use this recipe for your tortillas; I always have cooked beans in the freezer which helps prep go faster.

- Crockpot Black Bean Soup: serve with rice (add sour cream & cheese if you're really nice).

- Deviled eggs, cheese, fruit & veggies. Maybe crackers & nuts.

- Sandwiches using homemade bread. LOTS of fresh fruit & veggies.

Happy Eating!
- Heather

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Jeanelle said...

Thanks for the ideas. We are always looking for new ways to eat healthy.

So excited for our trip to Atlanta!