Monday, December 12, 2011

Project Photos

I've finished up several projects recently, so I thought I would share some pics. I sent Dawn her Christmas gift early so now I can finally post a picture of the scarf I made. The pattern is free & knits up fast:

When the Arendses were here, I finally finished Miss Kathryn's fox & gave it to her. It turned out adorable- I just wish I enjoyed making toys. I do not but she was very happy:

I finished these a while ago but here is a picture of Emily wearing her leg warmers:

I sewed two recieving blankets for Emily because I was always frustrated with the quality you buy in the store. The sewed up fast (completed during two sessions of quiet time!) and have worn really well. It was fun to sit down at the sewing machine again:

I finished knitting Emily's blanket this past weekend. YAHOO! I wasn't thrilled with the color choices (and, yes, I know I picked them as my dear Hubby wonderfully pointed out) but they've grown on me:

In addition to Emily's blanket, I finally sent out birth announcments. (Ignore the fact that she is now SEVEN WEEKS OLD.) Here are some pictures of what they looked like:

It's a lot of fun to do various projects & even more fun to FINISH them! :)
- Heather


dawn said...

I've gotten several compliments on the scarf already. Thanks, again!

Tully Family said...

Oh, you're welcome! :)

MRTrexler said...

Beautiful job on all your projects! So fun!

dawn said...

And even more fun to receive another one! I put it on the fridge, thanks!