Thursday, December 08, 2011

Thanksgiving Week in Review (Long Post!)

I've really wanted to get these pictures posted so even though Thanksgiving now feels so far away (and Christmas feels close- YIKES!), I thought I would do so today. We enjoyed a delightful week with the Arendse family- thank you again, Uncle Lorimer for traveling here! We're looking forward to visiting in July. :)

Everyone was excited to go fishing together again (well, not Sarah- she joined Jeanelle & I with baby Emily):

We paired 2 children to help with cleanup after each meal. What a blessing for the mamas! Often, several children helped with the prep before the meal. The girls made the desserts for Thanksgiving meal:

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday! I love to remember the history, to think over & praise God for the past years blessings, to cook for days, the decorating & fellowship with family and friends. I also LOVE to have a house full on the day! This year we had a grand total of 24- our largest group yet- with the Arendse & Coppock families joining us.

Look how beautiful the table was (the older girls stamped our place cards):

Turkey frying- the only true way to make turkey:

We took some time to snap some pictures (we should have done so again when the Coppocks arrived but we forgot!). First the girls:

Then the boys:

Then the 2 families:

what a joy for Jill & I to meet each others babies! We were so happy the Coppocks came even though Jill had just given birth four days before. How good God has been to bless our families with more children! Olive was so tiny & made our little Emily seem so big!

The food was delicious, just look at the joy:

I was able to snap one final picture before the Arendse left EARLY Sunday morning:


Jeanelle said...

Each year we look forward to spending Thanksgiving together. I too enjoy this holiday to remember God's faithfulness in our lives over the year, to offer up continual thanksgiving and to revisit history, reading over our rich heritage, and thinking of all that the Christian Pilgrims endured and all that we gained.

dawn said...

Looks like you had a grand time!