Monday, April 16, 2012

Where We've Been & What We've Done

Hi! It's been a bit since I posted... So long in fact that several of you have contacted me to see if we were okay. :) I needed to step away from blogging & lots of computer time because I found myself becoming overwhelmed. I felt behind with life. With everything. In effort to maintain joy I really had to focus on the things I wrote about here.

Baby #7 seemed to throw our life out of whack. Joyfully & splendidly but still crazy. :) It seems like it has taken forever to get back into a regular routine where we consistently accomplish things. (Emily will be 6 months next week.) I think we're on the edge of finally being there! Shhh. I'm afraid to say that out loud. ;) The days still go by in an instant but we're finally accomplishing more than bare necessities... at least most days we are. ;)

Honestly, I'm still behind in a lot of areas- I've had to acknowledge that in this season of life certain things will not get done, including the deep cleaning I had planned for this spring (and some days cleaning in general- yikes!) and probably my garden. Makes me kinda sad but I can either dwell on it or let it go and rejoice in the things I have around me. Precious things like chubby little baby hands, playtime between two little sisters, two children learning to read, conversations about our Savior with my older children, time with family and so much more! I'm also trying to rejoice in the not so precious things that become precious when my heart is focused on serving my Lord: training moments with children, laundry (LOTS!), health issues, cleaning, the never-ending to-do list.

So, I guess that was the long way to say that we're still here and doing well! God is good! Here are a few more updates and pictures:

- The older children worked diligently to prepare for their piano workshop with master teacher Bruce Anderson. It was their first time participating in a group lesson and they loved it! Five students each sat at their own piano while Mr. Anderson instructed them. In each class, all of the students had to play a song together- the goal being that they sounded like one piano. It's very tricky but a great way to train their ears to LISTEN to what they are playing. We look forward to participating in another lesson in the future! Benjamin & Matthias enjoyed being in the same class and Jonathan enjoyed having me in his class. :)

- We enjoyed a day at the zoo with Daddy. It felt wonderful to be able to walk around without being sick!

- We had Emily's pictures taken in March. I wasn't in love with this session but we did get a few good pictures (we're taking family pics this weekend!):

- We enjoyed a visit with my Aunt April and her two granddaughters (I think they would be my second cousins?)... but I haven't gotten pics downloaded yet.

- I celebrated my 32nd birthday!

- I bought an iPad 2. It's wonderful!

- Patricia got glasses! She looks older!!! (Mama got glasses too.)

- My parents and brother have moved just 3 miles away! :) We spent several weeks helping them with their move. What a joy to have family close- we're all enjoying Sabbath meals together as well as getting together during the week. Nanny has been very helpful with babysitting. :) Here are some pics from Resurrection Sunday:

- Our family doesn't do the traditional Easter baskets or bunnies. We've made an effort to instead focus that day on celebrating our Savior's resurrection. This year, I came across this blog post for a treasure hunt about the Resurrection. So, I hid the clues which were Bible verses about the Resurrection in eggs (there is no signafigance between eggs and the Resurrection) and the children went around finding them until they came to the treasure: a chocolate cross, gum & chocolates. It was a BLAST plus a great way for us to discuss these verses! You've got to do this next year!


redawson80 said...

Missed hearing from you! Glad to get an update! Lydia has that same green dress Abigail is wearing in one of the pics :) How nice to have your parents so close!

Mahers Hill Academy said...

Lovely pics, and good to hear you are doing well. I am feeling overwhelmed a lot lately as well, and I only have four! Thank you for the reminders to enjoy this season and be willing to let some things go for now. :)

Anonymous said...

What a joy to enjoy living so close to you all.
Enjoy your children, housework will always be there!
Lv mom

Karen Tully said...

Happy Birthday Heather! Glad to see all the pictures of the littles. BTW your Aunt's grandchildren are your first cousins once removed, and your children and her granchildren are second cousins. LOL, that is the best thing I learned in law school - who knew? LOL