Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Memory Work: Week of May 14, 2012

Forgot to post this yesterday. Sorry! Actually its been months since I posted for memory work but we have been working... sometimes. ;) Memory work is the theme this week though- checking what we know & how well, making mental notes. It's a good thing.

Memory Work for the week of May 14, 2012:

Bible: we're still working on Genesis1:29-31, reviewing the entire chapter as we go along. Jonathan and Elizabeth are still memorizing Psalm 121. This week, we're reviewing the Apostle's Creed, memorizing the character quality "forgivness" and Veritas Press Bible Card #9.

Catechism: For the Children's Catechism, Abigail is working on number 4; Elizabeth & Jonathan #45 & beyond. For the Westminster Shorter Catechism, Matthias #8 & beyond; Benjamin #68 & and Mama is reviewing #1-30. For the Heidelberg Catechism, Patricia is working #14 & beyond.

Songs: reviewing hymns this week (we've got 12 down now!); WSC song #21; Quid Agis Song for Latin.

Poetry & Rhyme: O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman. Jonathan & Elizabeth are working on Singing Time by Robert Louis Stevenson; Abigail is working on Ooey Gooey. Everyone now does their own review each day.

Geography & US History: US Presidents and Pledge of Allegiance. For mapwork, we've learned how to label the contents & oceans. We're working on labeling the USA- 21 states and capitals so far.

History: CC Cycle 1 Week 5 history sentence about the split of the Roman Empire; 16 VP history cards.

Science: CC Cycle 1 Week 3 science sentence about the parts of an animal cell.

Grammar: literature definitions for fiction, historical fiction & novel.

Miscellaneous: parent's names, our address & phone number.

- Heather

If your interested, you can go here to see how I organize our memory work.


dawn said...

I should do one of these posts too. Soccer and Baseball/Softball take all my mental energy ...

Looks like a great list! [hugs]

Tully Family said...

Hah- LIFE seems to take away my mental energy! ;)