Friday, May 11, 2012


Recently, we've completed several projects. Yahoo!

First, I finished knitting this bonnet. I had originally intended to make it for Emily but I didn't check my guage (not so smart!) & it turned out big, so I gave it to my friend Jill. (We exchange knitting and sewing, so it works out perfect!) I'll have to make it again- the pattern is quick. I adore the color and will use the leftover yarn for a pair of booties for Emily because I lost one of hers. YIKES! :( Here is the bonnet:

I finished sewing a skirt for me using this pattern. I changed the pattern, using elastic (still have baby weight to loose!) and tailoring the pannels a bit. I really like the fabric (thanks, Jill, for your help!):

Eric finsihed making my art caddy:

I finished Jonathan's American flag blanket! Well... kinda. I still need to make the 50 stars! But my fingers were itching to knit, so I'm taking a break & saying I'm done. ;) Jonathan is enjoying using it.

Patricia has completed several knitted washcloths for me and is now working on a scarf and cross stitch project. She made this owl for me (and a bird for our pastor's wife but I forgot to take a pic):

More projects are in the works. :) Benjamin and Matthias are now knitting too and Jonathan is working on latch hook. I love the time we spend working on our various projects and talking in the afternoons!
- Heather


Jeanelle said...

Great job on your skirt! It is pretty. The girls loved Patricia's owl too. Sarah wants Auntie Heather to teach her to knit. She says you are a good teacher. She'd love to make the Little House Shawl!! So pretty.

Tully Family said...

Thanks! I would LIVE to teach Sarah! It was a blast to work together when they stayed here. The shawl is an easy pattern- the tricky part being the thinner yarn. I can show her the next time we are together! :) Love to you all!