Monday, July 16, 2012

2012 Family Pictures (LONG post!)

Hi! Its been awhile. :( Back in June, we had family pictures done by Kanella Brown Photography. WOW- they turned out great! Thanks, Kanella! The location was great for our pics- this old barn & field were beautiful!

Enjoy these pics- I've been eager to share! There's a lot of photos here- some of you will enjoy it, some of you will get bored. :) Hopefully soon I'll get around to changing the look of our blog using some of these pictures. Hopefully soon I'll get some printed to hang up in our home & give out. Hopefully soon life will slow down soon! ;)

I'm thinking one of these for the top of the blog:

This could have been a good one but Emily's looking the wrong way:

If only Matthias & Jonathan weren't standing so weird! Oh, boys:

How blessed I feel to be this little girl's mama (and all my other children's mama):

Smooch that adorable face! Seriously- those cheeks are scrumptious:

These are my favorite family shots:

We joked that Kanella was putting Eric and I through couple's therapy because she had us looking into each others eyes, kissing, resting on each other's shoulders... All while littles scrambled in every direction. :) It was funny & really hard not to laugh. All this picture taking was a lot of work:

Okay, enough family pics! How about some of the children together (The first one is my favorite. At times I had to say "Just open your eyes & smile NORMALLY!" Ugh! Does anyone else have this issue?):

The girls:

The boys:

Now for individual shots. First, Emily- age: 7 months. Simply adorable:

Abigail- age 2 years 9 months:

Elizabeth- age 4 1/2 years:

Jonathan- age 6:

Matthias- age 8:

Benjamin- age 10:

Patricia- age 11 but oh, so close to 12:


Jess said...

Heather! You're family is beautiful! You look great! I love the pictures of your girls. They are so adorable. It's fun having some unique family portraits done. Special memories.

I was just thinking of you yesterday wondering how you are doing. Take care.

dawn said...

These are great! I can't wait to show my kiddos :)

How blue Lizzie's eyes are!

Karen Tully said...

The whole family is just so beautiful. I can't wait to see you all...will try for October when Cousin Linda's daughter is getting married in TN.

Kristine said...

LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!!!! We are definitely choosing that location for our next family photo shoot with Kanella after the babies come! Your family is exceedingly precious!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures, ofcourse beautiful people. Love those grandchildren, lv mom