Friday, August 17, 2012

2012 Book List: #2

Wow. Was it really way back in January when I posted about a book I've read? Have I really only finished two this year? Really? That's really sad. But it's the reality of this mama and I'm okay with it! I've been reading a lot with the children, I've been in the Word & I've read bits and pieces along the way- just haven't finished anything! :)

Anyway, I did finish my second book today: A Bride Goes West by Nannie T. Alderson and Helena Huntington Smith. The children and I actually listened to an abridged version from here. I think I would recommend the audio version over the book. Mrs. Botkin does an excellent job reading it & she skips over one inappropriate section, as well as a few foul words. If you do pick up the book, you've been warned! You could borrow my copy, as I edited it along the way. :)

This autobiography is set in 1882 and is the story of an Southern girl who moves out west after marrying a rancher. Life is tough, as they loose their money, home & livestock on more than once occasion. Death brings more hardships. But life is also blessed by children, friendships & beautiful landscapes.

We all enjoyed this story. The boys were captivated by a tale of real cowboys and Indians! I've always enjoyed biographies and especially enjoyed reading about this time period in history. I'd heartily recommend listening to it!
- Heather

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Jeanelle said...

We enjoyed this story too. We listened to it on a 14 hour road trip to see you! David also enjoyed the story.