Monday, November 05, 2012

Emily's One Year Pictures

Emily Joyanna turned one on October 22, 2012! We all love her so much and praise God for blessing our family with her. Here are some facts about this little girl:

- Emily is crawling everywhere now. If she's in a hurry, she puts her head down & goes quick. If she lifts her head up while crawling, she automatically slows down. It's really funny to watch!

- She recently started pulling herself up and taking a few steps if she hangs on but her legs are still floppy. I'm not worried- none of our babies have walked till after a year. The less mobile she is, the easier my life is. ;)

- She says mama, dadda, & yeah. Wish she didn't say the last one. Wish everyone in the house didn't say that one! Emily jabbers a lot too but we're still trying to learn her language. She likes to clap & wave bye-bye.

- When she's happy, she scrunches her nose & smiles big so you can see all of her teeth. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!

- Emily has 8 teeth. She's had them for months- the most teeth any of our babies have had that early.

- She continues to be a great sleeper. Yahoo! Two naps during the day, each at least 2 hours. LOVE IT! I enjoy singing to her before I lay her down to sleep. Emily often sings along. She also sucks her thumb when she is tired. Her poor thumb is all cracked & dry.

- She is still nursing but only at the beginning & end of the day. She enjoys eating & so far hasn't shown any food allergies. Yeah!

- She loves her siblings! She's become a bit clingy to Mama.

Enjoy Emily's one year pics! Thanks, Kanella, for taking them- they are among my favorites! (Notice the eaten apple. Once Emily took her first bite, it was difficult to take any more pics because she just wanted to eat. She continued to try to eat all the apples at home also!)




Mahers Hill Academy said...

She's a sweetie! Cute headband. :)

Anonymous said...

She is Nanny and Papa doll, life is so sweet with her. Love you Emily

Jeanelle said...

Love Emily and love the family picture. We are so blessed to be a part of your lives.