Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

The Menu:
Clementines, pistachios & pretzels to munch on while we waited for the main course!
Wine, coffee & apple cider pop to drink (plus water!)
Dinner Rolls (homemade, of course!)
Mama's Potatoes (a family recipe)
Apple Stuffing Balls (another family recipe- I'll try to post these soon)
Deep Fried Turkey (thanks, men!)
Maple Glazed Ham
Pumpkin & Apple Pies
Pumpkin Roll (family recipe- Eric's favorite)
Gingerbread Men & Chocolate Pretzels
I love Thanksgiving- always have & always will! I love all the planning and decorating, cooking of huge quantities of food, and the rich history of our American holiday. I especially love having our home filled with lots of people and I don't mind all the cleaning that happens before & after.
This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving with a grand total of 23. Not too shabby, huh? :) We sorely missed our dear friends, the Arendses, who usually join us. :( It didn't feel normal not having you all here! But we were thrilled to host my parents & brother, my Aunt and two second-cousins and our great friends, the Coppocks.
It was a great day of feasting and visiting as we remembered God's faithfulness both in the first Thanksgiving as well as the year 2012. Our family tradition is to read Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember. We also write down some things we are thankful for (Patricia made the cards this year- look for it in the top pic), share it with one another, sing & pray. Oh, and I must not forget the annual soccer match. :) This year Eric had to take on the children by himself- he missed having you here Lorimer!
Here are some of the things listed as thanksgivings:
Husbands, wives, children, siblings, family, friends. (Don't miss this- we're truly thankful for the people God has blessed us with!)
- Health. (I'.m keenly aware of this one! God has blessed me with a full year of health after a time when doctors were amazed I was still alive! Also, my mother's health has improved so much in the past year!)
- Our church & shepherds. (Solid teaching is key!)
- Our Savior Jesus Christ! I pray each one of you know of His mercies!
- Employment.
- Vacations.

I hope each one of you had a great Thanksgiving! I guess I should start preparing for Christmas... but I'll hold onto my fall decorations for just a few more days. (And I'll restrain myself from jumping on my soap box about how our society skips over Thanksgiving. Errr!)
- Heather


Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to remember all the blessings of the years gone by plus those of the present.
Thanks for having us all.
Love Mom

Jeanelle said...

We are sorry we were absent. Please save a spot for us next year! Tell the Coppocks that our children said, "Thanksgiving just isn't the same without the Tullys and the Coppocks." When I suggested you come here one year for Thanksgiving that was their response. Missed you all!!