Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm back (again)!

I'm back- yeah! I did not mean to take that long break- Blogger wouldn't allow me to post any pics and it kinda took the wind out of my sails. Errr! I was really bummed in the beginning of January because I had envisioned a new plan of blogging with lots of posts but like a lot of my well-laid plans, it wasn't to be. Oh, well.

I have no desire to try to catch up on the past month but I will say we had a wonderful Christmas & New Year, despite the fact that we were sick the entire month of December! :( We especially enjoyed having Eric home for over a week- we stayed up & slept in way too much. I also spent some time evaluating what we've been doing for our educational pursuits, making some adjustments. Overall, I was pleased where we are at for our half-way mark this year. More on that later. For now, here are a few pics from the past month:

A highlight of December was a quick, 2-day visit from the Arendse family. It was SO GOOD to see them again:

Patricia enjoyed making her Christmas gifts for family members this year. She made knitted scarf for Lizzie & quilt/embroidered this doll blanket for Abigail:

Patricia knit these scarves for the boys & embroidered pillowcases for Eric and I (she also embroidered napkins for my parents but I do not have a pic of that):

I knit these dolls for Lizzie & Abigail as Christmas gifts (I won't be making toys again anytime soon- they are adorable but I detest toy-making!):

I finished embroidering this fall piece- I'll frame it & tuck it away for later:

Now of course, you're waiting to see pics of Emily! Who wouldn't? :) First, notice the changing emotions of this little girl (these two pictures were taken only about 2 minutes apart):

I finally began training Emily with blanket time (why did I wait so long???) this week. She loved it the first three days but yesterday was a whole different story:

(NOTE: now all you people who say Emily never cries have been proven WRONG!)

It's good to be back! :)
- Heather


dawn said...

Hoorah! What great pics and gifts! M-girl put her pillowcase on her pillow the other day, she was so excited.

Emily looks like Benjamin! What a cutie :)

Mahers Hill Academy said...

Beautiful work, Heather and Patricia!

Jeanelle said...

We enjoyed our quick visit so much! Looking forward to seeing you this spring!!!

Raymond Harris said...

It is a joy seeing Patricia hand work. How quickly months can go by so fast, friendships are so very important to have.
Poor Emily, this to will past.
lv mom