Monday, February 04, 2013

9 + 1 = 10

We're excited to announce that are numbers are increasing from nine to ten! :) Yep, I'm expecting. I'm currently 8 weeks & my due date is actually Eric's birthday, September 13. But the DR will never let me go that long. I've been taking my blood thinner since 4 weeks- only one injection a day right now. Yeah!

We would covet your prayers for good health during this pregnancy. I feel healthier at the start compared with Emily's pregnancy. I am labeled "high risk" due to my history of blood clots but we're praying it will only mean an induction (and that God will see me through that smoothly). I am in the process of searching for a new midwife & DR, as both of mine have left their practice. :( It's difficult to find a midwife with my history, so I'm trying to be patient & not worry. It's important for us to find a midwife at a hospital that will allow me to labor naturally. Well, at least as naturally as one can with n induction at a hospital. ;)

I've been very nauseous. (I skipped that Emily, which was nice.) Eric has been so sweat & patient, picking up food for me often because I can't stand eating anything that I cook. BUT, I've been nauseous-FREE today! Bring on the food! :)

- Heather


Casey said...

Congratulations!!! What a blessing!! And it's also nice because I don't care for odd numbers. :) That's how we ended up with eight. :) So glad to hear you've been nauseous-free today. Eat as much as you can. :)
Have a good day-

Tully Family said...

That was funny, Casey! And I AM eating today because ya never know what tomorrow holds (or later today or that matter)!

dawn said...

Congratulations! We'll pray for all you ask.

heaven minded life said...

I was so excited to hear your news! Congratulations!! Will be praying the the morning sickness subsides soon.