Friday, March 08, 2013

Pregnancy Update: A Restful Week, a Heartbeat & Vacation!

Let me begin this post by thanking you all so much for lifting us all up in your prayers! Eric and I are truly grateful for that! Remember to share with us how we can pray for you.

It's been a very quiet & restful week around these parts. You all should be proud of me- taking it easy doesn't come easy for me. ;) I actually slept a lot on Monday and Tuesday. Several of us are battling sore throats, coughs & runny noses, so the extra rest this week has been a blessing. The children have been doing a lot to help me & Eric won't let me do anything when he is home. I love that man so much! :) Early in the week, if I tried to do anything, I started cramping so I quickly realized that wasn't a good idea. But my bleeding is gone & I've been able to do a bit more these past two days. Praise God!

I'm not suppose to lift Emily, so when she awoke in the middle of the night this week, Eric went to comfort her. It's not easy for this mama's heart to let that go but I tried to focus on praising God for Eric verses feeling sorry for myself. When Eric came back to bed, he mentioned that the port-a-crib where Emily sleeps was not comfortable. I remember thinking that was a strange comment but I didn't ask him about it till the next night. He told me that Emily was so heavy, that he grew tried of holding her (she's is a CHUNK!) & decided to instead CLIMB INTO THE PORT-A-CRIB WITH HER! Yep, my hubby laid down with our 17-month old daughter in her crib. It cracked me up! Only my skinny hubby could do such a thing! Ya never know what will happen when a mama is off of her feet. :)

Earlier in the week, my bleeding came back so we went in to have another checkup. We met the midwife this time but both Eric & I were not impressed. I have a new appt with another office in two weeks & I'm praying they will let me transfer even though I have so many complications. Anyway, the midwife did an exam & spent time talking to us. She told me I'm not to exercise, lift heavy objects or do anything rigorous until the hemorrhage heals. I understand why but I miss working out- its weird how you have more energy when you do so! And like I said, its really hard not to carry Emily around. The older children are great helpers but I miss it! We scheduled another ultrasound in 2 weeks to check how I'm healing. The midwife also mentioned I will have more cramping due to the hemorrhage. She didn't seemed concerned about the fibroid but she also didn't look at the ultrasound pics.

The highlight of the visit was hearing our baby's heartbeat! Praise God for His mercies in sustaining this little one's life! That beautiful sound was the best thing to hear.

We are leaving tomorrow for a one week vacation with our friends, the Arendses, in Texas. It's a lot of packing & organizing but I have my helpers! This time in our lives right now has been such a great opportunity to teach the children how & why we serve one another. In Texas, we will be camping out for 3 days & just hanging out at "home." I'll post if anything changes in my condition. I hope you all have a wonderful week!
- Heather

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MRTrexler said...

Glad to hear everything is going well! You have been on my heart this week. Have a great vacation!