Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A New Creative Journey

Today I started a new creative journey:

My Nikon 5200 camera and 18-105 mm lens came yesterday! My 50 mm f/1.8 lens has been waiting a few days for them to arrive.  Capturing family memories has always been important to me so I've always enjoyed taking pictures. I've wanted to dive deeper into the world of photography for years but we had to wait to save up the money. I'm pretty excited to start learning. WOW! Is there a lot to learn, especially because I want to go beyond autofocus and learn to shoot manually.

It's fun to have a creative outlet. Not that I don't have any already, huh? ;) Maybe too many! Let's see... there's mothering & homemaking/educating (my calling from the Lord but to do it well, it takes more than going through the motions!). Then there's knitting, needlework & sewing. Sometimes I crochet. I'm suppose to be preserving those pictures I like taking via albums of some sort. Is blogging a creative journey? Hmm... recently, I took stock of all that I had going & decided to pull back. First priority: FINISH current projects! Second priority: LIMIT what I work on at one time. So, why did I just add another creative project... Well, no one's perfect & we finally had saved enough pennies to dive in! ;) But I am working on implementing those priorities!

I'm looking forward to sharing my journey here- tips on what I've learned, resources that have been helpful and, of course, PICTURES! :) So, stay tuned!
- Heather

PS: here is a totally unrelated picture of Emily taken yesterday when we were planting more herbs. She loves to dig her hands in the dirt but you have to watch her closely- sometimes, it will end up in her mouth if you're not careful (btw, I think she looks a lot like Jonathan in this pic- anyone agree?):


Raymond Harris said...

Dirt is so good, atleast Emily thinks so! So cute.
Taking pictures will be so exciting for you.
Not really sure Emily looks like Johnathan.
Lv Mom

Dave Shideler said...

Have you ever heard of this blog? It has great photography tips and she even offers classes on line sometimes.

Tully Family said...

I hadn't heard of that one- I'll take a look today. Thank you! :)

Dave Shideler said...

PS You know this is Tina not Dave right?

Tully Family said...

Well... I was pretty sure but the pic did make me pause for a bit. :)