Monday, May 13, 2013

Reflections of Mother's Day 2013

This mama feels very blessed as she reflects back on Mother's Day 2013. My dream came true when I married my wonderful husband, Eric! Without him, my other dreams couldn't have come true- the dreams of being a mama & staying home to raise them. So, thank you, Honey, for making my dreams come true & supporting me. And, thank you, Children, for fulfilling my dreams every day! I'm also so thankful to my Lord & Savior for equipping me for this job of motherhood. All the imperfections are mine; anything good is His work!

My mother wasn't here yesterday, so we celebrated Friday night with a yummy, gluten-free & sugar-free dessert. Seriously- it was AMAZING! I'm thankful for mother's example of motherhood & homemaking. Here are a few pictures (taken on auto):

Here are some fun pics from yesterday (First two taken quickly on manual before church- maybe not the best time to try to take pics! Should have increased my aperature to help get a sharper focus on everyone's face. Last one Eric took on auto):

There's a lot that can be said about motherhood and many more things to do. But I'd encourage you to begin with thanksgiving to Your God. It will profoundly change you & your family!
- Heather

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Raymond Harris said...

How quickly the years go by. You hold your daughter and then she becomes a mother. Thankful for the lovely day, thank you for setting the example of a Godly Women. We are bless. Love Mom