Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Catching Up!

Can you believe that June is almost gone? Things continue to chug along around these parts & it seems like the chugging is moving too fast lately. The days are full & blessed but lately I feel like I'm constantly behind & I'm trying to find a balance to it all. I think knowing that Baby will be here in less than 12 weeks has me wanting to cram a ton into every spare moment but that's not always the wisest thing to do. Besides, now that I'm in my third trimester, I do not have the energy for that.

My pregnancy is going well & I'm so thankful that Baby is healthy! We are all excited to meet this little girl. :) Last week, I had my first iron treatment because I'm anemic again. Errr! I was really hoping to avoid this & it's taken a lot of prayer to find joy in this trial. I do not want to run to OB appts AND to the hematologist. Remember how I'm feeling behind? All of those appts don't help! The Lord is teaching us to count it all joy! I am thankful that my anemia isn't severe & we are praying that these early treatments will heal me. I'm thankful for doctors & especially for help with caring for the children while I go to all of my appointments.

I haven't taken any pics with my camera in weeks. :( I miss it so I'm dusting it off & pulling it out today! :) But for now, enjoy a few pics from our phones:

These are my favorite two men in all the world, each for different reasons. :) We enjoyed a dinner the night before Father's Day with my family. The children & I bought them each this book. Eric finished reading it aloud this week- EXCELLENT!
Eric awoke on Father's Day with a bad toothache so he had to stay home from church. :( Poor guy! It was really hard for him to enjoy all the special food we had planned. These make-ahead melts from Pioneer Woman's book were especially yummy (for a healthier version, serve with a low-carb tortilla or over a bed of greens- yum!):
We would appreciate prayers for Abigail. Earlier in the month she got a tick bite that became infected. She's taking antibiotics & I go tomorrow to our pediatrician because the bite is still infected. Pray for healing & protection from lime disease. Here is Abigail waiting cheerfully for the doctor. She talked constantly to Eric & I until the doctor came in; then she wouldn't say a word:
This past spring we planted a garden. It's not going well & I'm trying really hard not to despair over it. We have enjoyed a few tomatoes & 1 jalapeno pepper this week. The top pic below are tomatoes from our garden; the bottom pic is produce my parents shared with us. Why does theirs grow so well???

This past Sunday, the visiting preacher taught about finding our identity in Christ. Eric & I talked on the way home about how much we both needed to hear that sermon! And how much our culture needs to hear that message. People are so lost trying to figure who they are when the real question is whom they belong to! My identity is in my blessed Savior first. It's not in being a wife or mother or daughter or friend. Those are all good things & callings that I need to do. But they come after my relationship with Jesus. He is my all in all! He is my first love. He is the reason I'm not only saved but I'm holy. My identity in Him enables me to fulfill those callings & to walk according to His Word. It was good to think through where I've been finding my identity lately & to refocus. I pray each of you know that peace of identifying yourself in Christ!
- Heather

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Raymond Harris said...

Yes I would have to agree that these are two special guys!
Still praying for our sweet dear granddaughter.
Why or how does our garden go? Good questions, some how we miss that big cucumber....funny well hidden.
What happen to June....drs appts.
Love Mom and Dad