Friday, August 09, 2013

July in Review

Hmm... I really didn't mean to stop posting for so long... Sorry about that! Hold on to your hats- I'm about to review all of July! Well, not all of it because I wasn't that good about taking pictures but it's still a long post.

I've kept the children busy with lots of lessons because we're wanting to take a good long break when Baby comes. The days go by so fast with teaching everyone plus feeding them (somehow, they always want food), doing laundry & other chores and music. Throw in doctor & orthodontist appointments and, PHEW! But we are blessed to have work.

We enjoyed celebrating both of my parents & younger brother's birthdays. My Aunt April visited my parents for several weeks, so we enjoyed visiting together. Sadly, I didn't take one photo while she was here! :( This was our favorite dessert- sugar & gluten free but you'll never miss it:
Both Jonathan & Elizabeth filled in another reading chart. Eric took Jonathan for a shake & I got to go with Elizabeth. No picture of Jonathan but here is Elizabeth enjoying hers (she also ate mine because I couldn't get all the sugar down):
This little girl seems so much older lately. She adores wearing hair accessories & jewelry; clothing is optional in her opinion, especially skirts for some reason:

It's a rare thing for Abigail to fall asleep on her own these days. If I lay down with her for just a few minutes, she will calm down & sleep but left to herself, she stays awake. I don't mind getting in a nap though- I'm craving it these days! Sometimes I do come upstairs & find her already asleep... just not usually in bed:
We enjoyed a visit from the Arendse family, who were traveling back from TN & decided to stop by for a whole week. We didn't tell the children, so it was a fun surprise. We had a blast & especially enjoyed hearing the almost constant sound of music. We already had a piano & mandolin and they brought along two dulcimers, two guitars, a violin & banjo. Our family is enjoying learning some of these instruments & mountain tunes thanks to our frequent visits together:

We've added a guitar & mandolin to our household which Benjamin & Patricia are self-learning via books & FaceTime with the Arendse family:
Even Emily enjoyed trying to play the mountain dulcimer (notice the hair accessory):

Patricia wants to learn the violin next. She especially enjoyed hearing Sarah play:
In addition to music, the men enjoyed shooting with the older boys. I'm so thankful that our boys (and girls!) are learning how to safely handle firearms from their father:

The girls enjoyed crafting & watching movies late into the night. Everyone enjoyed staying up to the wee hours of the morning & the mamas enjoyed one night out to talk. I was finally able to give Jeanelle her early birthday gift- a knitted shawl:

I always find a way to get Lorimer at the grill whenever we get together. Yum!

We enjoyed going to King's Mountain on the last day of the Arendse visit. After watching the movie, most of us enjoyed walking around the mountain before visiting the museum & bookstore. We were all sweaty from our hike but it was fun. I had to practically drag Abigail the entire way but she made it! Katherine proved to not be a fast hiker either, so the three of us walked most of the way together. The little girls really enjoyed spending time with Katherine:

Look closely & you should be able to find all the children:

The boys were ready for battle:

Lorimer didn't mind pushing Emily as Eric ran ahead with the boys. This was the closest Lormier could get to Emily all week- she's become very clingy to her "fav three" (Mama, Patricia, Daddy- in that order) and also to her Papa & Nanny:

I've gotten some knitting done recently & have two projects to block before I can post pics. I also crochet a bonnet for Baby:

And used the same pattern crochet it in a bigger size with different yarn for a friend's daughter (we exchange my knitting for her sewing):
Hope you all have had a blessed summer!
- Heather

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dawn said...

Glad you posted, I've been missing you. Looks like fun was had by all.