Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

I'm about 36 and 1/2 weeks pregnant! WOW! I can hardly wrap my head around the fact that we will meet ths little one soon. Things have been so busy that its sometimes hard to focus on that. I still need to buy some needed items for her (including a car seat!), as well as pack my bag for the hospital & sort through her clothing. Guess I should do that soon, huh? I don't tend to go early so I've got time... I hope! ;) I haven't put one thing in the freezer for after Baby comes. That's a shock because I usually stock up food. I can hardly believe I'm so under-prepared! Thankfully, Jeanelle is coming for 3 weeks to help!

After 4 rounds of iron transfusions, my levels are back up. Praise God! We are praying that they stay high before the birth. I have an appointment with the hemotologst to check my numbers again on September 9th if Baby doesn't arrive before then. Instead of one Lovenox shot a day, I'm now taking a shot of heparin twice a day. My poor belly is black & blue but the pharmacist yesterday gave me new, tiny needles to try & it was so much better. Yahoo! I told Eric I want to go back &; hug her. I'm not kidding.

While my anemia is better & results in energy (phew- not having that is hard!), I've suffered from severe back & ligament pain from the end of this pregnancy. (I had one other pregnancy like this- it was Elizabeth's!) Driving really brings the pain on, especially that night & next day. I have my good days/moments when we're able to get things done but I also have days/moments when the only thing I can to is lay on my side.... Which I detest. I feel totally useless! I read aloud a lot but let's be honest- not a lot of anything else gets done. :( Surrendering my will & plans is hard.

As I read over this post, I think it may come across that I'm whining a bit. Sorry. I have some very tough days but we also have some great ones! I love feeling this little one move inside of me. We're  thrilled & thankful to The Lord for the blessing of another baby! Pregnancy isn't always fun & I want to be real. But the sacrifices I've made with my health & body are so worth it! Not just because a baby is fun (which they are!) but because obeying The Lord & raising children in the knowledge & fear of God is a blessing! It's hard work sometimes but it's good. Oh, so good!

- Heather

PS- I had hoped to post a ton of pictures lately but our computer is down... Again. :( I'm writing this post on our iPad. Patricia celebrated her THIRTEENTH birthday last week & it was a great day of celebration! I have educational posts/thoughts in the work too. I'll post pics as soon as we get things up & running!

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Casey said...

Wow - 36 weeks already! You're going to meet your little one soon! So excited for you. I was reminded just yesterday of how very blessed we are to be able to stay home with our children and spend so much time with these little souls God has given into our care. What a privilege and a joy. Take care of yourself, my friend...you're doing important work! :) Casey