Thursday, September 05, 2013

A Few Pictures!

I can finally share some pictures! (Insert a little happy dance.) These are all from my iPhone because Eric is still re-installing the computer. We fear we've lost all info not saved after April. That's a lot of pictures. :( But let's not focus on that right now. Let's enjoy a few pictures:

We were all ready to head out for dinner. This is what Lizzie thought was acceptable footwear. Papa made her these socks & she enjoys wearing them, even in the Georgia summer heat. (I made her take off the socks. Sometimes, we home educators need a little help with fashion.):

Remember this post about Abigail wondering if she would die if she didn't have cake? Well, the next day Eric's work gave him a baby shower & he brought home cupcakes. (Can I just say Eric's coworkers are awesome? We're grateful not only for the gifts but for the fact that they've celebrated every baby we've had through the years.) I let the children each have one. Thankfully, our daughter was saved from death:

Elizabeth's first ever haircut- I told you she wasn't happy about it:

Abigail was thrilled:

Abigail snapped this picture with my phone when I wasn't looking. Emily didn't get a real haircut but she thought she did. ;) She wants to do what the big girls do:

I knit up this hat for Baby & am looking for a flower to clip on. (You can find the pattern here.) Went super fast on size 17 double-pointed needles (less than an hour) & was lots of fun:

Matthias was such a trooper at the ER:

We told you the boot was HUGE:

Reading helps pass what we call "hospital time," which drags on for what seems like forever: 

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Raymond Harris said...

Enjoy so much the pictures! Cute about the girls hair cuts.
Hope you have not lost everything on the computor. LvM