Sunday, November 03, 2013

Katherine's Baptism

Today was a very special day because Katherine was baptized! We praise God for this outward sign and seal of God's grace as we look to Him for salvation. While baptism never saves, children are never excluded from God's covenant (in the Old or New Testament) and are therefore welcomed into God's covenant family as we await Katherine's public profession of faith.

Another special part of today was that another baby in our church, who is only 10 days older than Katherine, was also baptized. It was fun to have a dual baptism! Meloney and I were both pregnant at the same time the last time around so we now have two children around the same ages (and extra littles to boot!).

Here's a picture of Pastor & us after church:

Be sure to check out my Project 365 (tabs up at the top) to see another pic of Katherine from today!

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Jeanelle said...

Beautiful family picture! Love that Emily and Abigail can wear the fall dresses we originally bought for my Katherine and Lizzie when they were much smaller.

Wish we could have been there for Katherine's baptism. We're so thankful to God and how he uses each of you through your faithfulness to him, to encourage our family. Miss you all so much!