Friday, December 20, 2013

Elizabeth turns six!

On Wednesday, we celebrated Elizabeth's six birthday! We say it every time a birthday comes around but, WOW- time flys! In the morning, we had Katherine's 3 month pictures taken at our house. After the photographer left, I decided to have fun & practice taking my own photos. I took a bunch of Katherine (like over 100!) and then took some of Elizabeth. Here are a few favorites of Elizabeth:

It's my goal to take each of the children's individual shots & a group picture over the next few days. My hope is to one day only need a photographer for family pictures & to take all other pictures myself. To get there, I need to keep practicing!

Elizabeth's birthday celebrations came after dinner. She also choose what food we ate all day- a favorite Tully birthday tradition. Baked oatmeal for breakfast & gluten-free pizza with sweet potato fries for dinner, followed by a strawberry chocolate icebox cake made by Patricia. (Note: strawberries are not the best economic choice during the month of December.) She was especially thrilled to have Papa & Nanny come for opening presents & eating cake (note: these are all iPhone pics):

Emily enjoyed the dessert:

Katherine was talking to Nanny:

Horses were the theme this year for Lizzie's birthday: my mother made Elizabeth a (very) pink cowgirl vest & skirt. We bought her a Playmobile horse show set and a notebook with horses on it. She also received an outfit for her doll from my parents, which was perfect because all three of our girls have been playing dolls constantly lately.

Happy birthday, Lizzie! We love you so much! Your joyful, loud personality lights up our home. May the Lord continue to draw you close to Him.

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Raymond Harris said...

We are so bless. Lizzie you are such a sweet blessing in our lives. Love Nanny and PaPa