Monday, April 07, 2014

34 Blessed Years

Yesterday I celebrated my 34th birthday! I'm thankful for the love of family & friends, His Word & church, good food, and SO MUCH MORE! I'm especially grateful for health to care for my family. Life is really FULL & I'm thankful for that! Huge thank you to Eric & the children for helping make yesterday so special. :)

Here's some fun iPhone pics of my gifts. A wallet/phone case from my parents, which will match my new camera bag/purse when it arrives in a few days (SUPER EXCITED for that- it's my birthday + anniversary gift):

A mug for tea with a lid so the herbs can steep plus an embroidery sampler Patricia is making me. She's not quite done yet but isn't it PERFECT? I love it!

I took some self portraits with Katherine (does that make them non-self portraits?) yesterday. It was the first time I ever tried taking pictures of myself- easier to do now with my camera (did I share I have a new one?) because it has an interval timer but still tricky. It was a goal of mine to take at least one selfie per month... it's April... well, it's a start.:) I've got a lot to learn about nailing the settings for these kinds of shots but at least I did it. I chose to take pictures during one my favorite parts of the day- rocking Katherine before she sleeps. I ADORE these moments with her! She kept looking over at the camera when she heard it click:

See how she sucks her thumb with her hand held upside down? So cute!


Jeanelle said...

You're getting old! Love those pics with baby Katherine. Lets celebrate birthdays together this fall. I'm saving your gift until then.

Tully Family said...

Sounds like a plan! :)