Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A Beautiful Young Lady

Yesterday, Patricia got her braces off! YAHOO! Caramel was the first thing on the list to eat.

The before picture:

The after pictures:

That's one down & seven to go. Yeah, our orthodontist loves us. ;)


Raymond Harris said...

Braces are such a long road to finally get there.
Yeah for Patricia, your smile is so cute and of course beautiful. Lv Nanny

Casey said...

She looks lovely! I remember it took awhile before Shiloh was speaking "normally" again after having her braces on. :) Here's some big news from our household: we're moving to Naples, Italy this summer! Our tour should be three years long, and we're looking forward to LOTS of traveling. Save your pennies and come see Bella Napoli while we're there! :) SO many details to take care of between now and then, but the Lord seems to be smoothing the way. I'll be re-starting our blog to detail our adventures while we're there, so stay tuned. :) Take Care - Casey

Tully Family said...

WOW, Casey! What an awesome opportunity!!! I'll talk to Eric about visiting. ;) And I'll be praying for all the details to come together.

Jeanelle said...

You do have a beautiful smile Tricia!
Auntie Jeanelle